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About Vinings Georgia

A Bit About Vinings Georgia

From the turn of the 19th Century until now, Vinings, Georgia’s development has followed that of the nation with trains whistling past, carrying passengers from the North to Florida, automobiles creating the need for paved roads, new houses being built and strong neighborhoods being forged. Vinings differs from most other communities in its resolve to keep the village’s integrity and uniqueness, making it a world away from uncontrolled urban sprawl. And one man, a real estate developer by trade, is largely responsible for keeping Vinings charm intact.

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Beginning late in 1960, Atlanta developer Felix Cochran began to amass property in the area. His passion to create a gathering place or town center that would keep the look and feel of Vinings past was so intense that it took him 15 years, and reams of design plans, to make his dream come true. The result is Vinings Jubilee, acknowledged by residents as downtown Vinings with shopping and dining opportunities housed in a grouping of multiple buildings, each featuring an architectural element from the Victorian period. Dedicated in October, 1986, Vinings Jubilee opened, complete with its street lanterns and a large clock tower as a beacon for the newcomer.

Streets have been widened to accommodate the flow of new residents but in keeping with the philosophy of the community, sidewalks have been added to encourage more pedestrian traffic. While large office buildings, restaurants, service businesses, and other shopping centers have arisen, all have respectfully kept the integrity of Vinings historic significance as have the increasing numbers of elegant home builders and condominiums and apartments builders in this Atlanta area.